Player Portabil Aune M2 32Bit DSD Music Player M2 pro

Player Portabil Aune M2 32Bit DSD Music Player M2 pro

Pret: 2799 LEI
Player Portabil Aune M2 32Bit DSD Music PlayerSuperb reproduction of the original live event or original recording sessionComfortable for long listening sessionsVersatile with all genresYour first choice! ARM+CPLD as the core audio frameworkThe M2 uses native decodingasynchronous clock technology from independent RD. The kernel program took over a year. Its all about the sound quality. Five TI chips to constitute the whole power supply systemCPLD technologyThe M2 uses high precision clock as the master device, and uses sampling pulse to force synchronizing the WAV data from ARM. ARM uses ping-pong buffer to process the data, and its guaranteed the I2S data wont be interfered by operation or the micro SD card reading. Everything is based on high precision clocks, which leads to the extremely high fidelity! The M2 pro uses the only customized ultra-low jitter crystal oscillator 7050 from CRISTEK as the core componentThe M2 uses CRISTEKs crystal oscillator of which the lowest phase noise can be -170dB. Its extremely low.The M2 chooses the best clock crystal oscillator, only to pursue the best sound. Superb hardware design from experience accumulationThe main board is rationally quartered - equally divided into the power supply part, the digital part, the DAC part and the Amp part. The whole circuit uses high level water flowing type wiring; the analog part is mirror-symmetric; every port is in the closest position. Creative design of built-in Amp positive and negative power supply Class AThe Amp part occupies 1/4 of the PCB, which is quite a lot among all the portable players on the market. It uses the structure of the ultra-low distortion Op Amp and 10 discrete transistors. The output uses NPN+PNP geminate transistors. The quiescent current at last stage of each transistor is 15MA. Ultra linear Class A biasing.
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Produsul Player Portabil Aune M2 32Bit DSD Music Player M2 pro nu este comercializat de e-Good. Pe acest site, produsele sunt promovate de la mai multe magazine online de electronice si electrocasnice, pentru ca dumneavoastra sa le cumparati la un pret corect. Daca vreti sa achizitionati acest produs din categoria Player Portabil este nevoie sa apasati butonul 'VEZI DETALII' sau 'VEZI GALERIE FOTO' dupa care veti fi trimis catre site-ul furnizorului.
Astfel, veti cumpara Player Portabil la cel mai bun pret, dar si in siguranta, magazinele online promovate de noi fiind foarte serioase.


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